Helping 6- & 7+ Figure Businesses Leverage Google & Facebook Ads Profitably

Tired of cheap, unreliable agencies? 


You have a solid business but digital marketing is just not your thing? 


You are running Google Ads but no results? 


Don't understand Google Analytics? 


Only 2% buy something on their first visit on a homepage. What are you doing about the other 98%?

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Your Paid Ads Specialist:
Pamela Wagner

Having formerly worked at Google and engaged with over 2000 advertisers to help them set up and optimize their online campaigns, my primary goal is to support your business growth through efficient ad strategies across several tools & platforms.


Over the years, we've seen the best results working with 6- & 7-figure companies. Those that know that marketing does not only depend on ads but encompasses many different aspects. They know that their time is valuable and are ready to grow. Our clients are spread across 21 time zones - from Hawaii to Australia.


Whether it is YouTube, Search, Display, Remarketing, or App campaigns - our clients appreciate the tailored support, efficient use of budget, and having a reliable partner by their side so they can focus on the tasks they love the most.



It was clear that Google Ads marketing is Pamela's passion. As someone who has attempted to benefit from Google Ads without success, Pamela demonstrated some powerful techniques in a knowledgeable but easy-to-understand manner. She has renewed my enthusiasm for this form of marketing and I look forward to putting the techniques into practice.

- Brendon Ferriss

I was extremely thrilled to work with Pamela in British Council program Great Entrepreneur. She helped them to work on their online digital marketing strategy by giving them all the ins an outs required to expand their business. Pamela is devoted, professional and takes her time to share her knowledge with others.

- Boubacar Djiba / British Council