...discover what it takes to analyze data with the best free tool out there - Google Analytics. 


With a virtual attendance option:

If you live too far away from the location, you can attend the training virtually. You are responsible for having a laptop or computer with a camera and microphone ready. You will receive further instructions once you've purchased a ticket. My team will contact you a couple of days before the event to check the setup. 

Discover in 4h what it takes to analyze data with the best free tool out there - Google Analytics. Once you know how to read data in there, you won't need to spend money on any other expensive third-party measurement tools. 


Our CEO, former Google employee and Google-Specialist Pamela Wagner will share with you her invaluable experience from working with over 2000 advertisers on Google Ads and Analytics.


You will:

- get to know how to set up your Google Analytics account properly - something over 90% of users miss out on

- discover what are the key data points you need to understand in Google Analytics

- how to drive conclusions from all the data available in Google Analytics

- know how to set up different views so you can adjust the data you see to your needs and goals

- learn how to set up reports for your management or external stakeholders

- set up goals and audiences, which build the basis of your ROI measurement and (re)marketing more effectively

- gain a lot of practice right there in the workshop as you'll be implementing as you're learning.

Acquire solid Google Analytics knowledge to communicate effectively with agencies, delegate your team, or drive your own marketing strategy more effectively.

Next dates/locations: Christchurch (New Zealand), 7th Nov 2019 from 9am-1pm.  

*Attendance fee starting at NZ$397 – NZ$597.


"Thanks for the super valuable workshop yesterday - I already feel like a pro after the exclusive engagement :)"

 - Julia Daschütz, FCB

"It was clear that Google Ads marketing is Pamela's passion. As someone who has attempted to benefit from Adwords without success, Pamela demonstrated some powerful techniques in a knowledgeable but easy-to-understand manner. She has renewed my enthusiasm for this form of marketing and I look forward to putting the techniques into practice."

 - Brendon Ferriss 

"I pitched the new things I learned about remarketing to my select current clients and picked up some more work as a result so thank you."

 - Cory Schop, Internet Marketer

- Wolfgang Feger, Marketing Specialist


The Google Ads Intensive will equip you with knowledge around the following topics:

  1. Advanced tricks and settings of search, display, app, video, and shopping campaigns

  2. Ad optimization and tricks: how you can stand out even more

  3. Keywords: Pro-Settings and options, bidding strategies

  4. (Dynamic) Remarketing, call-only-ads and dynamic search ads

  5. Ad extensions and how you can make sure to use most of them for your business

  6. Audit of your existing campaigns, setup of new ones, and creating clear optimization strategies

  7. Best practices for each campaign type

You're a good fit for this interactive workshop if you are:

  • part of an SME or a global company

  • an (Online/Digital) Marketing Manager

  • an employee of an agency

  • CEO

and want to take your data analysis skills to the next level in a fun & engaging way.

Additionally included in the price:

  • your personal Certificate

  • tea/coffee

  • a lot of fun & success