Discover the essentials of YouTube/Video Ads with a former Google Employee


Get first-hand knowledge from an insider

Join a special live workshop with former Google employee and Google Partner Pamela Wagner. Get insights from working with 2000+ advertisers.

During this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Discover how YouTube Ads really work.

  • Learn when & how video ads can contribute to your business growth.

  • Get to know the must-have's before starting with video ads (hint: don't jump in too early!).

  • Learn the keys to great video ads and best practices from industry-wide success stories.

  • Of course, set up your own video ad campaign in Google Ads! Note: you don't need to have a video ready to create a practice campaign.

  • And, as a little bonus, which our participants always highlight: get to network with people from all over the world!


You will get real practical during the workshop because theory only takes you so far. Leave the workshop with solid insights and know-how to kickstart your next YouTube campaign, and communicate more effectively with the stakeholders around you. 


Prerequisites/what you need for the workshop:

  • Basic knowledge of Google Ads or digital marketing

  • A Google Ads account that you can access and create campaigns in

  • A laptop and Zoom installed

  • A quiet space or your favorite coffeeshop ;-) 

  • A cup of coffee/tea ;-) 

Benefits/what you'll get:

  • Certificate

  • Networking with fellow marketers from all over the world during the workshop

  • Access to free Facebook and LinkedIn group for on-going support also after the workshop

Attendees will receive the link to join the workshop shortly before we start.


"Thanks for the super valuable workshop yesterday - I already feel like a pro after the exclusive engagement :)"

 - Julia Daschütz, FCB

"It was clear that Google Ads marketing is Pamela's passion. As someone who has attempted to benefit from Adwords without success, Pamela demonstrated some powerful techniques in a knowledgeable but easy-to-understand manner. She has renewed my enthusiasm for this form of marketing and I look forward to putting the techniques into practice."

 - Brendon Ferriss 

"I pitched the new things I learned about remarketing to my select current clients and picked up some more work as a result so thank you."

 - Cory Schop, Internet Marketer

- Wolfgang Feger, Marketing Specialist