Digital Marketing Lab

...only for companies in Emerging Markets.

You can do all kinds of training, workshops, seminars, and courses, but what happens when it comes to actually applying your knowledge in the day-to-day business and the tough get going?


Even though my masterclasses, intensives, and trainings are all very practical and hands-on (you walk out with your new campaigns ready to be activated), the call for support, guidance, and mentorship afterward became very strong. 


One of the most recent participants of my digital marketing masterclass even said, "I feel like I need you to sit next to me for the next 4 days and just guide me".

Of course, that is possible, but for most companies not doable since it comes with a certain investment. 


However, through the creation of the Digital Marketing Lab, it is now possible for me to give guidance and mentorship personally to a small group of committed digital marketers to take their skills to the next level. 


Once every week (except holidays), you work for 2 hours in a focused environment on your digital marketing campaigns and get direct feedback, support, guidance, and mentorship from me personally. As well as from all the other go-getters in your group. 


The total participant number is limited to 6 people. You must be based and working with a company in Emerging Markets.


To ensure the highest quality and that you're surrounded by top-notch people, each potential participant needs to go through a rigorous application process, and only a few are accepted. 


We love go-getters and action-takers, and usually work with those that are dedicated to highest quality, excellence, and continuous improvement.  


Are you ready to step up your digital game?


Please note that due to the unexpectedly high volume of applications at this point, it may take us up to 7 business days to get back to you. 


The Digital Marketing Lab is an exclusive, membership-only, 3-month online growth space (valued at US$4000) to foster long-term growth, sustainability, and proper tracking and development of your digital marketing strategy. 


The first pilot will run start at a much-reduced rate in December 2018. You must ensure proper internet connection and have a camera on your laptop/phone/computer as I value personal interaction. 


Please note that you, as a company, can primarily apply for 1 spot. In order to give the most committed digital marketers a chance, more than 1 spot per company will only be given upon special request and additional consideration (if there is space). 


So the choice is yours: do you like to keep spending your dollars on campaigns without knowing what the actual outcome is? Without knowing where the money is actually going? Without knowing if there is actually any return on investment? Without being able to justify your expenses to your finance department?


Or, would you rather get absolute clarity, develop a clear digital marketing structure, know how much you have to spend in order to get a certain outcome, and know exactly who and what to target?

Stop tapping in the dark and start spending your advertising $$$ efficiently AND effectively. Because unlike radio, TV, newspaper, and other traditional marketing efforts, with digital marketing you should and can know exactly what you spent, whom you reached, how they converted on your website, and what you paid for each of those (potential) clients. 


Let me personally mentor and guide you to level up your digital marketing game.