Digital mastermind


Join us in an exclusive setting at a unique location.

3 dates: 19th/20th/21st September. 

Starts at: 7am.

A city with its very own charm will be the host of the first digital mastermind breakfast in Portugal.

Starts at: 11am.

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The Digital Mastermind Breakfast unites all digital nerds and those who are yet to become one. In the fresh hours of the morning, not just knowledge will be exchanged, but especially solutions will be found for digital challenges of the participants. In a relaxed environment with good food, we will cheerfully discuss and discover everything digital:


The Digital Mastermind Breakfast helps to find solutions for your digital challenges. Using the brain power of the 4 other participants, it has proven to be an exclusive frame for maximum efficiency.


To bring: 60 sec. pitch about yourself, a current business challenge, an open-mind, and good mood.

Agenda: 60 sec. pitch & 2-3 min current business challenge description. Then, relaxed brainstorming (don't worry - it won't be as exhausting as it sounds) and exchange of solutions as well as a motivated start in the day.


Attention: there's a particular danger to suffer from idea overflow.

Whether you're CMO of a big corporation, enthusiastic founder of a startup, or you just want to get a sneak peak into the topic - you're welcome. The mix of backgrounds is what makes the whole experience more valuable and worthwhile.