...take your digital marketing skills to the next level  

- with a former Googler.


Be one of only 10 participants to upgrade your digital marketing skills. In a small-group setting, Pamela will share her digital marketing knowledge with you. Having worked with 2000+ advertisers on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree takes 3 days out of her busy schedule to work in a focused environment with the most ambitious and upcoming digital marketers in Uganda. 


Discover in only 3 days digital marketing strategies from a Google insider. 


You will:

- create your first campaigns in Google

- get to know insider tips & tricks for setting up successful digital marketing campaigns

- discover how Google really works

- create your first campaign in Facebook

- learn the basics of YouTube (video) marketing, app, and shopping campaigns

- discover how to use remarketing to 10x your existing customer base

- how you can strategically apply email marketing

- create powerful funnels to acquire customers in a strategic and sustainable manner


"Thanks for the super valuable workshop yesterday - I already feel like a pro after the exclusive engagement :)"

- Julia Daschütz, FCB

"It was clear that Google Ads marketing is Pamela's passion. As someone who has attempted to benefit from Adwords without success, Pamela demonstrated some powerful techniques in a knowledgeable but easy-to-understand manner. She has renewed my enthusiasm for this form of marketing and I look forward to putting the techniques into practice."

 - Brendon Ferriss 

"I pitched the new things I learned about remarketing to my select current clients and picked up some more work as a result so thank you."

 - Cory Schop, Internet Marketer


Day 1 - 31st October | 9am-4pm:

  • SEM/PPC: what it actually encompasses and how to get started with it

  • SEO: basics and key differences to SEM

  • Search campaigns: keywords,  pro-settings and options, bidding strategies, high-converting ads 

  • Set up your first search campaign!

  • Ad extensions and how to use them to boost your CTR by 25%+

  • Display campaigns: targeting options, image ads best practices, settings

  • Set up your first display campaign!

  • Budget strategy

Day 2 - 2nd November | 9am-4pm:

  • YouTube Ads + video marketing

  • Intro to app and shopping campaigns

  • Facebook ads: set up your first campaign and immediately implement the tricks from the pros!

  • Set up your first Facebook campaign!

  • The difference between simple post boosts and campaigns - how to utilize them for success

  • Facebook pixel, custom audiences, similar audiences, and remarketing

Day 3 - 5th November | 9am-4pm:

  • Intro to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

  • Tracking your success: what's needed to know the exact ROI of your digital advertising measures

  • Events, goals, and e-commerce tracking setup, cross-domain tracking

  • Email Marketing: know what platform to use for which purpose and how to set up a strategy that makes sense for your customers

  • Platform integrations - connecting it all so it flows well together and you got all your data in one place for easy management!

  • Funnels: create efficient customer journey and catch them at the right moment

  • Your Digital Marketing Master Certificate!