Here are a handful of resources which I'm happily using for my everyday business after they have stood the test of time. Some of them are referral links and others lead directly to the respective homepage. It is a non-exhaustive list and being edited continuously:


I'm a visual and aesthetic lover. There are many different scheduling tools out there, but Calendly is just the prettiest and easiest one to use. 


The classic. And, it'll never get old. Might take you a bit of time to get used to it and benefit from all it has to offer, but overall very good.


Some swear on Asana, others love their Stack account, and me - I love my Teamwork. I'm still using the free version and it has brought me a lot of joy. Key for my decision to sign up for the platform was that it has time-tracking included, is easy to use, and allows a lot of different features that you also find among the more common ones.


Yes, you read right. Ideal for business trips, where you barely stay in your room anyway except for sleeping. Besides, you get to know new people and got the 'local handle' on a city from Day 1. 

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