Google Ads Accelerator

The worst thing is not knowing what you don't know. 


What if you could save a couple of thousand dollars with a few tweaks in your Google Ads account? 


 I feel you. You've probably invested a couple hundred or even a thousand dollars in your Google Ads campaigns, but the ROI is still the same as without it.


Let's face it: that sucks. For any kind of investment you take.


You probably spent quite a couple of hours putting up these ads, maybe even designed images or a nice video, but it just won't get to where you'd like it to be. You filled it up with keywords, but man - these clicks are expensive! And way too many search terms that have anyway nothing to do with your business. Which you'd have loved to grow this way.


You probably have somebody do the ads for you, or you've been doing it yourself in your already scarce time. But neither you nor your well-intentioned helper are a real pro nor have the time to go through endless support pages and study material.


It's time to stop the misery and bring the already wasted ad $ back and turn them into real $$$ ROI. And save a couple of bucks. Just as a nice side effect.


Had a great call with Pamela. She looked over my Google shopping campaign step by step and offered suggestions to improve conversions. She walked me through Google Analytics and helped set up a remarking campaign. Learned so much and she was very patient with me each step of the way!

- Benny Hsu / Get Busy Living

Pamela is really a professional, but one with heart and warmth. She has helped us a lot and we are very enthusiastic about your knowledge and style. We can highly recommend Pamela!

- Dirk v. Honnerlagengrete

Exceptionally detailed understanding of paid channel marketing.

- Matthew Snowden

Explore The Unknown


This is how we'll do it:


where I laser-scan your AdWords campaigns and landing pages. You get crucial insider tips for optimization and efficient  60min call*, We jump on management, and will implement the majority during the callThis way, you won't need to read through any boring documents and papers, but you get to see live what's not working and how you can fix it. Step by step. 


So the choice is yours: do you like to keep spending thousands of dollars on your ads with low return and struggle to keep those ads up? Or, would you like a former Googler and specialist to give you concrete tips & tricks to boost your ROI in the next 3-4 weeks?


*can take longer, depending on how many campaigns you have and which ones you'd like me to work on.