Discover the essentials of Google Ads with a former Google Employee


Get first-hand knowledge from an insider

Discover from a former Google employee, Google Partner, and Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, how advertising on Google really works. Get solid basic knowledge of Google Ads in order to communicate efficiently with agencies, freelancers, or your employees, or eventually apply the skills yourself.


You'll get to know:

  1. The difference between organic and paid search results

  2. The benefits and key ingredients to successful search engine marketing

  3. The different campaign types in Google Ads

  4. How the ad system works: click prices, quality score, the auction system

  5. Key Terminologies: CTR, CPC, Final URL, etc.

  6. And, finally, set up your first search campaign like a pro! (usually, clients have wasted about 50% of their budget before they work with us).c


Next dates/locations: Cape Town (South Africa), 11st Nov 2019 (1:30 PM – 4:30 PM).  


You'll benefit from this workshop if you are:

  • (an online/digital) marketing manager

  • an employee of an ad agency

  • a CEO or in a managing role and just want to be able to understand Google Ads in order to make better decisions

  • new to Google Ads and want to get a first idea of it and if it is something you might want to explore further

Included in the workshop:

  • Your personal Certificate of Completion

  • Fun & success!

  • Network with other engaged marketers in South Africa!


"Thanks for the super valuable workshop yesterday - I already feel like a pro after the exclusive engagement :)"

 - Julia Daschütz, FCB

"It was clear that Google Ads marketing is Pamela's passion. As someone who has attempted to benefit from Adwords without success, Pamela demonstrated some powerful techniques in a knowledgeable but easy-to-understand manner. She has renewed my enthusiasm for this form of marketing and I look forward to putting the techniques into practice."

 - Brendon Ferriss 

"I pitched the new things I learned about remarketing to my select current clients and picked up some more work as a result so thank you."

 - Cory Schop, Internet Marketer

- Wolfgang Feger, Marketing Specialist